Polo Corporate Days and events in Yorkshire – Polo experience days

If you are looking for a Corporate Day with a bit more diversity, then spending a day playing polo is a great way to relax and bring a team together for a fun day out. Polo corporate days and events can be tailor made to suit your requirements. All events will be made suitable for a range of options, from a motivational corporate day out to learning how to play polo to even sponsoring tournaments or advertising your brand.

No riding or polo experience is required to take part in this fabulous day. You’ll be guided by an experienced instructor and be mounted on safe, quiet ponies suitably matched to everyone’s ability.

1000 hrs – Arrival

Welcome to the White Rose Polo Club. Join us for a welcome drink and a light breakfast. Meet your instructors for the day.

1030 hrs – Introduction to Polo

Introduction and explanation of polo and the rules.  From here Your group will be divided into smaller groups; These groups will be rotated through the disciplines of learning to play polo, which will include;

1100 hrs – Learning to play polo – 1st round

Group A – Hand mallets;  Group B – Wooden horse; Group C – Horses

1130 hrs – Learning to play polo – 2nd round

Group A – Wooden horse; Group B – Horses Group C – Hand mallets

1200 hrs – Learning to play polo – 3rd round

Group A – Horses; Group B – Hand mallets; Group C – Wooden horse

1230 hrs – Team competition

1230 hrs – Team competition

1330 hrs – Prize giving

1330 hrs – Lunch

Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch

1400 hrs – Club Chukka

1400 hrs – Club Chukka

Watch members of the White Rose Polo Club in action as they play Club chukkas. Support or place bets on your very own team – supply a team from the club with special Stag polo shirts and we’ll see if you can win the chukkas and a bottle of bubbly!

Wooden horse Sitting on Woody, practise the polo swing without worrying about the horse.
Theory Discussion on team tactics and positional plays, using a board and miniature men and horses.
Horses Mounted on very quiet, safe horses to practise initially, the riding then the hitting of the ball under instruction.
Hand Mallets Using short polo mallets play a game on your feet to practise team tactics and ball hitting.