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Bridge McFarland win first Polo tournament of the season


Presidents' Cup Successful start to the season


Bridge McFarland win first polo tournament of the season!


On the crisp fresh Sunday in the May Bank Holiday weekend, on the vacuumed polo ground in the backdrop of Houghton Hall, North Cave, the first polo tournament of the season was played at White Rose Polo Club.


Two levels were fought, with mixed teams of young and older, male and female, each team pitched for best effect both for the competition and the spectators.


Bridge McFarland were favourites with a strong team including Milo Manton, Matt Yeo, Patrick Wilkinson and Nick Latcham. They did not disappoint with horses fevered for victory and players ready to do them justice.  But they had to fight for their victory.  In the lower level the standard was no less exciting to witness and the winners were Hedley Aylott, Miriam Payne, Alex Hamshere, Judy Jackson and Lillie Yarwood.


Polo is one of the most exhilarating sports to watch as speeds range from elegant cantor to throat catching gallop.  The skill is in the mix of riding ability, tactical play, hand/eye control and a thirst for the goal.  But the excitement is also in the preparation as each horse is groomed, mane cropped, tail pleated and taped, legs protected in coloured bandages and tendon boots, rider in whites and team colours and a general hubbub of activity bubbles as the season gets underway with optimism.


Well done sponsors Bridge McFarland on christening the polo season so well!