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George Carter Bowl


The George Carter Bowl is the first weekend tournament of the season and is an interclub blind draw, playing for the superb crystal bowl.

The Teams on 30th April were as follows:

Yellow: Paul Piddington (1), Lisa Piddington (-2), Nicola Thompson (-2) & Lesley Jackson (-1).

Red: George Carter (-1), Dave Black (-2), Katie Roberts-Stride (-2), Lorraine Quinn (-2).

Blue: Patrick Wilkinson (-1), Andrew Heardsman (-2), Karen Stimpson (-1) & Oliver Yeo (-2).

Green: Milo Watson (0), Hedley Aylott (-2), Kate McKee (-2) & Matt Yeo (-2).

Match Report:

Paul Piddington's Yellows drew Karen Stimpsons Blues giving away half a goal on handicap. The Yellow Team quickly drew two goals ahead for a place in the final. Milo Watson's Greens came up against George Carters Red's and once more against the flow of play Red's won by one goal to nil with particular praise to Dave Black playing well above his -2 handicap and combining well with George Carter. Fighting for 3rd and 4th place Patrick Wilkinson and Karen Stimpson mugged the Green Team by half a goal to round off a miserable afternoon for Milo's Greens who unfortunately played 2 and lost 2.

The final between Paul Piddington's Yellow and George Carters Red witnessed a strong team fight with Yellows proving more accurate in front of goal. Red's had their opportunities to score but pressure created errors and the balls went wide. Yellows came out victors by 2 goals to a half.

Many thanks to George Carter and Lorraine Quinn for sponsoring this Bowl, and we very much look forward to competing for it again next season.

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