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Pro-Am Success 2011


Brilliant Polo from compete beginners

White Rose hosted the Pro-Am tournament for the second time this year and once again, six amateurs from all walks of like came together for the opportunity of a lifetime.  The successful applicants, some of whom had little or no previous riding experience, received six weeks of intensive training from Polo Coach, Tony Wesche which resulted in a very close, exciting match.  The teams were captained by Hedley Aylott (Los Hurricanes) and Andrew Scott (Diablos) and after a very close match, victory went to Diablos.  Well done to the players of both teams for a very brave, creditable performance.

Diablos:   Anita Quartley, Laura Ferrari, Antony Wood, Andres Scott
Los Hurricanes:  Louise Brown, Hannah Cotterell, Saul Wilson, Hedley Aylott
Most Valuable Player: Antony Wood
Most Improved Player: Louise Brown