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Stride Electrical Challenge Plate


The interclub Stride Electrical Challenge takes place on the last wednesday of every month through the summer.

Each challenge is a blind draw selection using the more experienced players as team captains. There will be a series of 6 challenges, each of which carry championship points (shown in league table below). The matches are designed around 1 player and 1 pony and is therefore a 1 chukka knock out to the final.


April 2006

The Teams for the April challenge were as follows:

Yellow: Paul Piddington (1), Matt Yeo (-2) & Nicola Thompson (-2)

Red: Milo Watson (0), Hedley Aylott (-2) & Lisa Piddington (-2)

Green: Patrick Wilkinson (-1), Oliver Yeo (-2) & Kate McKee (-2)

Blue: Karen Stimpson (-1), Melanie Hargreaves (-1) & Alex Yeo (-2)

Match Report:

Round 1 saw Milo's Red team overhaul, Patrick Wilkinson's Greens by 2 goals. The second match saw Paul Piddington's Yellows beating Karen Stimpson's Blues 3-0. This led to a wooden spoon play off between Patrick Wilkinson's Greens and Karen Stimpson's Blues, which resulted in a close fought battle with Patrick's team winning by half a goal. The final saw Paul's team overhaul Milo's again by half a goal to take the honours for April.


The teams for May were as follows:

Yellow: Paul Piddington (1), Lisa Piddington (-2), Alex Yeo (-2) 

Green: Milo Watson (0), Hedley Aylott (-2) & Katie Roberts-Stride (-2)

Blue: Patrick Wilkinson (-1), Karen Stimpson (-1) & Joan Gough (-2).

Red: Tim Rose (-1), Lesley Jackson (-1) & Matt Yeo (-2)

Match Report for May:

The first round chukka saw a suprise victory of Tim Rose's Reds beating Milo's Greens. The next first round match saw Paul Piddington's Yellows, comfortably beat Patrick Wilkinson's Blues for a place in the final. The wooden spoon was played off between Milo and Patrick, which went according to the form book with a comfortable victory to Milo Watson. The May final was altogether different, the Red Team of Tim, Lesley and Matt screeched into a 3 goal lead with some very smart team play and good attacking work from Tim Rose playing one of his best ponies Sota. This required Paul to pull out all the stops and claw back the goals, leading to a very exciting final 30 seconds, were the winning goal was snatched back at the death. Matt Yeo had a last gasp opportunity for victory however he choked and pushed the ball two inches left of the goal, leaving Paul Piddington's Yellows the May champions.

The teams for the June challenge were as follows:
Yellow:Paul Piddington (1), Sue Westlake (-2), Joan Gough (-2)and Kate McKee(-2)
Red:Patrick Wilkinson (-1), Dave Black (-2), Lisa Piddington (-2) and Sab Gogna (-2)
Blue:Karen Stimpson (-1), Matt Yeo (-2), Katie Roberts-Stride (-2) and Charlotte Innes (-2)
Match Report:
This challenge took the format of an American, each player playing one pony for 2 chukkas. The first chukka saw Red playing Blue and surprisingly Blue stole an early penalty due to some frantic marking by Dave Black. A quick exchange of goals from good open play left victory to Blue 2 - 1.
Red then faced the Yellow Team, receiving half a goal on handicap, but an early break by Sue Westlake riding Pepe allowed the one and only goal to be slotted for a Yellow win. Dave Black continued his bad day by throwing himself onto the floor to enter the Mud Book for a valuable Fall of Shame point.
The final chukka pitched the undefeated Yellow’s against the undefeated Blues, and despite good attacking play from Matt Yeo and Karen Stimpson, the Yellow’s defences held and possession led to an inevitable winning goal.
The July teams consisted of:
Yellow:Paul Piddington (1), Matt Yeo (-2), Nicola Thompson (-2), Sab Gogna (-2)
Green:Karen Stimpson (-1), Dave Black (-2), Lisa Piddington (-2)
Red:Milo Watson (0), Hedley Aylott (-2), Alex Yeo (-2)
Match Report:
The 4th Stride Electrical witnessed a complete turnaround in form. First chukka saw Milo’s Red Team beaten by Karen Stimpson’s Greens, with herself, Dave Black and Lisa Piddington making determined team runs which resulted in a winning goal.
They then played Paul Piddington’s in form Yellow’s and once more combined well to score first and set up excellent team momentum that led them to victory.
In the final chukka Milo’s Reds avenged several defeats at the hands of Paul Piddington’s Yellows to record his first victory over Paul in this contest.
So a deserved victory to the Green Team and their names are engraved on the shield for a permanent record of this excellent win to the underdogs. Surely Dave Black’s -2 handicap is in grave danger of raising to -1.