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The Katie Roberts-Stride Birthday Challenge Cup


On Sunday 11th June 2006 3 teams including Stride Electrical, Genesis and Vale of York competed an American Knock-out for the magnificent trophy.

The team members were:

Vale of York: Karen Stimpson (-1), Patrick Wilkinson/Lesley Jackson (-1), Andrew Heardsman (-2) & Joan Gough (-2).

Stride Electrical: Paul Piddington (1), Lisa Piddington (-2), Katie Roberts-Stride (-2), Hedley Aylott (-2).

Genesis: George Carter (-1), Matt Yeo/Oliver Yeo (-2), Lorraine Quinn (-2) & Kate McKee (-2).

The first two chukkas between Genesis and VYPC saw a strong performance from George Carter combining well with Matt Yeo to consolidate a 3 goal victory. The genesis team faced Stride Electrical for their 3rd and 4th chukkas, but came up against much stronger opposition and were easily overhauled by 4 goals. Oliver Yeo needs particular mention for his 3rd visit to the floor, placing him in 2nd place in the club Mud Book, closely behind Hedley Aylott, who currently has 4 falls.

The last two chukkas pittied VYPC against Stride Electrical and although Stride Electrical went comfortably into the lead through some accurate scoring from Hedley Aylott and Lisa Piddington, VYPC fought back hard with excellent agression from Patrick Wilkinson and Karen Stimpson, to force a draw at full time, but victory went to Stride Electrical having beaten Genesis earlier.

Many thanks to the Stride Family for their very generous sponsorship of this tournament, the champagne was eagily consumed by the thirsty Stride Electrical team.